Week #1 Organized Home Challenge: Kitchen

I woke this morning with two things running through my mind.

1) It is the official start to my new year.

2) Jeff Ashton is running for state attorney (in a state I don’t live in and have no connection to, but still had it on my mind.  I won’t get into it, don’t worry).

So let’s focus on what actually impacts my life:)  Today is my new year!  We were out of town for a week and returned home last night.  That means today is the day I kickstart my 2012 goals and that means diving into the first challenge of the Organized Home Challenge:  The Kitchen–my favorite room in my home.  Or any home, for that matter.  It is, after all, where food is.  No surprise that my love for kitchens runs deep and strong.

I have residual Christmas and holiday clutter in my kitchen and it is making me itch.  So this challenge comes at a perfect time.  No excuses, I’m starting this today and I hope I’ve completed it by tomorrow.  I did some kitchen organization a few months ago so this should be a quick task for me.  Fingers crossed!

Love to hear about your progress as you join me in the challenges.  How is your kitchen working for you?



  1. Because my kitchen is still new to me (about 6 weeks or so) I am still learning how best to use the space I have. But I find that no matter how much effort I put into designing a smart and efficient use of space- I still go back to the FIRST place I put my stuff… when we moved in I just plopped things wherever. And so, they stay….. because when I try to move them to a smarter place- the dumber ME still reaches for them in their primary spot. Ugh. There should be (and probably exists) a guide to such things so that a wise person can plan their kitchen AHEAD of time. That’s what I’m gonna do next time… Almost makes we wanna move again. Nah.

  2. You have made me laugh so many times today (and yes, I’ve returned from Target!). I say if your stuff is working for you where it is right now, who dares tell you to move it? That being said, I only recently moved my oven mitts and pot holders to the drawer NEXT to the oven instead of keeping them in a drawer across the kitchen next to the fridge. Duh. Why didn’t I do that 5 years ago? Why!


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