2 am shopping…Gooseberry Patch After-Christmas Sale has started!

Gooseberry Patch

I couldn’t sleep.  Anticipation of Christmas?  All the ironing I keep putting off?  Leftover blueberry coffeecake in the kitchen calling my name?

Need to sleep.  Prefer to sleep than iron (the only household chore I dislike).  So I thought I’d wander around ye olde world-wide web for a bit (from the comfort of my bed, of course) to tire out my eyeballs.


If you’re a Gooseberry Patch fan (as I’ve mentioned 3 million times that I am), you’re in luck!  They’ve started their after-Christmas sale early and boy did they mark down some great items.  I’d suggest shopping asap if you’re a GP fan because they tend to sell out of items very quickly during this annual sale.  I placed my order a few minutes ago (and saved about 70%!) and am now ready to rest peacefully…successful shopping always wears me out:)

Happy Shopping!




  1. I am REALLY excited about this sale! 80% off is amazing!!! Except…I don’t really understand what it is, this Gooseberry Patch. Is it…recipes? Calendrs? I see a Circle of Friends? Will they accept me? I can’t wait to keep reading! Someday, I will be as cozy cottage as you! Actually, probably not.

    • lol! They will accept you! Their main thing is the cookbooks (those are the ones that are normally $16.95–people collect them) and then they do additional craft-type books and smaller booklets (the 75 cent ones–they’re just small paperbacks). So…listen–they’re not fancy. If you’re opposed to casseroles and cheese, not for you. But if you’re okay with that and like simple foods that are easy to put together, then do it! They’re just old-fashioned and fun for me. Plus the cookbooks (the spiral bound hardcovers I mentioned above for $16.95 regular price) have these little stories before each recipe. Vignettes? Because all recipes are submitted by peeps like you and me. So they’ll tell where the story came from, share a family tradition, etc. That’s why I adore them. So I can pretend I have traditions like that when really I’m just shoving the casserole in my mouth.


  1. […] other unrelated news, the doorbell rang this week and I bolted to the door to find my Gooseberry Patch and coconut oil orders!  Nope, not […]

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