Blueberry breakfast

I’m glad I put blueberry coffeecake on the menu for this week because when I begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed this morning, I felt the need for something gooey, cakey, and sweet.

A little measuring, mixing, and a few minutes in the oven and we all had our fair share of blueberry heaven this morning.  Complemented with a hot mug of homemade cider and I was ready to face the day.  And by face the day I mean clean the house.  Which I only kind of did.

Oh well.  At least there was blueberry coffeecake.



  1. I would love this recipe!?? wanna try to put a crumb topping on it like you did with the blueberry crumb cake! (which I am making for a party this morning!!) Thank you for your blog- I enjoyed every moment this early morning reading all your notes and looking at these yummy pictures!!

    • Hi Joni! What a wonderful message to find this morning! Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by my little blog. I would love to send you the recipe. I will email it to you if that works for you. Also, I do hope the crumb cake was enjoyed! 🙂 ~Danielle

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