My must-see recommendation of the week

As I strolled down the aisle of the fabric store yesterday (wow, I never thought I’d say that…more on that later), I heard a fellow shopper telling her friend that she was “sick and tired of Christmas movies.” GASP.

I can’t imagine being sick and tired of Christmas anything this time of the year, let alone Christmas movies–not possible in this household. But hey, we all have our “things” (I sure do!) so I gave her a pass.  I would have loved to share a few not-Christmas-but-make-you-feel-good-like-Christmas-movies movies with Miss Sick’n’Tired, but I was pretty darn sure she didn’t want to hear it so I went on my merry (ha!) way.

However, there are few non-Christmas movies and shows I love to watch particularly during this season and I’m going to share one of them with you right this instant.

A couple of years ago I was perusing movies in the library and I stumbled upon what would swiftly become one of my all-time favorite shows–Cranford.

Cranford (TV series)

The rural village of Cranford is the setting of this precious gem of a show (a BBC mini-series, actually) set in 1840s England. This series is based on novels by Elizabeth Gaskell and stars some of my favorite actors including Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton, Claudie Blakley (Charlotte in Pride and Prejudice, anyone? Even better in Cranford), Eileen Atkins, and young Alex Etel (have you seen Millions?). I won’t go on and on, but if you’re someone who enjoys Anne of Green Gables, North and South, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park (Masterpiece Theatre everything), you get it…then I think you will adore Cranford.

Here is a little sampling of dialogue from the show.  Thank the heavens for Elizabeth Gaskell and her novels. 

(Miss Deborah Jenkyns is a no-nonsense, proper woman in her 70s or 80s.)

Miss Deborah Jenkyns: Dr Harrison was full of praise for you. He said you were the equal of a man.

Mary Smith: Did he?

Miss Deborah Jenkyns: And I corrected him. No woman is the equal of a man – she is his superior in every single case.

How can I not love that?  You go, Miss Deborah.

I watch Cranford over and over and over and over and over.  Really, that many times.  I don’t watch the two-part 2nd season, Return to Cranford, half as much because it doesn’t have the same appeal to me–I need warm and cuddly while I shove cookies in my mouth and sip my tea, and although Return to Cranford is good, it just can’t top the 1st shows for me.

It’s kinda like when Anne goes searching for Gilbert when he’s at war and you just want the old Green Gables back, but you keep watching because you have to know what happens, and then Anne is suddenly a spy and dressed like a nun and when it’s over you’re sitting there sort of shell-shocked, wishing you had never watched it to begin with, and you’re kinda ticked off at the cast and crew for ever deciding to take part in this wreck, and are sure Lucy Maud Montgomery would’ve felt just like you do.

Like that.  Ok, not like that.  Because Return isn’t bad at all, it just isn’t the same…You get it, right?  I think I’m still bitter about Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story.

And there you have my mini-series plug for the week.  Sit your tired bones down and watch it if you can!  If you like it, you can thank me.  If you hate it, don’t say a word.  Pretend like this never happened.

Happy Viewing!


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