Pass the tissues, please.

The Polar Express (film)

I returned home from Sunday afternoon errands today and decided to sit for a moment to relax before preparing dinner.

I clicked the tv on and found Polar Express playing.  Ah, just what I needed.  Though we own both the book and movie, I sunk back into my chair to enjoy it for maybe the 2ooth time.

Thanks a lot, Polar Express.  Now I can’t breathe through my already slightly stuffy nose and my eyes are swollen.  Hope I don’t injure myself trying to cut onions for dinner!

This movie gets me every time.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?  Anyone else need to wipe away tears during Polar Express?



  1. I have never seen Polar Express but now I think it is a must.

    The two movies I must watch every year before Christmas are:

    -Love Actually

    -The Family Stone. I just love the family dynamics and seeing them all come home for Christmas, and yes, I do cry every time I watch it.

  2. I’ve never seen Polar Express and am not usually into Christmas movies unless it’s a comedy like Four Christmases or Home Alone; however, this year I got sucked into the Hallmark Channel movies, even the really cheesy ones!

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