Potato Soup Unlawfulness

What I just did to my potato soup recipe might be illegal in four or five states.  Nothing scandalous.  But maybe I had some half-and-half to use up.  A lot.  Like a half gallon a lot.

And maybe there was a super sale on butter recently.  Maybe I bought a couple of pounds.  Or 8.

Just saying.

I know this isn’t particularly appetizing due to my lack of photography skills and the fact that I took the picture at 6 p.m.   Still, I had to share.  Those unprofessional drips on the side?  I love them.  I don’t wipe them off.  How wasteful.  I needed the snowman spoon to properly celebrate the season.  And the cheese is for….well, it’s cheese.  Why wouldn’t I put cheese on my potato soup?



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