Baking the blues away

Okay, so I don’t really have the blues.  But I am a teeny bit blue only because I’m not feeling well at all today.  I want to know where that bus is that hit me when I was sleeping.  I decided to peeeeel myself off the couch to play with Annalise and she suggested baking.  Excellent idea, little one.

Making peanut butter cookies (with a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips at the request of Annalise) with the perfect baking assistant is already helping me feel a smidge better.

I didn’t brush my hair today….figured she could go without as well:)

I forgot to make the requisite criss-cross pattern on the cookies.  Blaming that darn bus.  They shall now be named Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Crinkles.  They taste delicious, no harm done, right?

Happy Sunday!  Hope you’re cozy and cuddling up on this chilly Sunday afternoon.



  1. Cutest. Ever.

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