The Great Purge: Part II

I’ve come off my purge high since cleaning out and organizing the hall closet.  I should have taken advantage of the high and moved right on to the next room, but instead I basked in the beauty of the clean hall closet for far too long and now I’m in trouble.  Big trouble.  Self-discipline, where are you?

In two days, most of our new bedroom furniture will be delivered and I have not addressed the black hole which is my bedroom closet and the random items in my bedroom which don’t belong in a bedroom.  Like the desk which houses a myriad of items including, but not limited to, scrapbook supplies (I have completed 3 scrapbook pages since purchasing and receiving a gazillion scrapbook supplies. 3 pages.  I can see my best friend shaking her head now), princess candy from Annalise’s birthday piñata, magazines from 1997-2007, a sewing kit, a roll of undeveloped film (um), stationery and letter-writing tools (I don’t write letters at this desk.  I write them at our desk in our office), 2 fruit bars, 4th of July cookie cutters, and cookbooks.

And then there are those little bits of paper peeking out of the drawers, covering the writing space, floating through the air like leaves in the wind when someone walks by–misfit coupons.  I have all my other coupons under control and filed in my binder so why are these on this desk?  I don’t have an answer for you.

I want to curl up in a ball on the couch and eat Doritos when I think of beginning work on that room.  And I can’t even begin to describe my closet.  Let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist until I have cleaned off and moved the desk.  Baby steps, itty-bitty baby steps.

We have a few errands to run today (do I buy Doritos while we’re out?), but in between those tasks I’ll be working on my bedroom.  I’ll even enter The Room Which Shall Not be Named.  If you call or text me and I don’t reply by, oh, 8 o’clock or so, call someone.  Save me.  And make sure my husband uses hair detangler on Annalise’s hair before brushing it for preschool tomorrow.



  1. I was glad to see you made it through your day yesterday, and Annalise’s hair was beautifully combed!

  2. Ha! Thanks Shels, I was happy to emerge from that chaos unscathed. Happy weekend!

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