Turkey Day Crafts

My little girl recently turned three (sniff) and now more than ever she looks forward to any and all crafts I put in front of her.  Not surprisingly, many craft projects around here involve food.  oink.  This is a little late for Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share what my girl and I made for our Turkey Day crafts.  Since we were headed to my in-laws for Thanksgiving this year, sweet girl asked to say grace for our meal and wanted to “put nametags and turkeys on the plates.”  Your wish is my command, Little Gobbler.

I know these Oreo Turkeys have been around for ages and who hasn’t made a fingerprint turkey?  I care not—these are too much fun to pass up and Little Turkey had a blast.  So did I!

Fingerprint turkey nameplates. Cute little fingers.

These little cookie turkeys may not be perfect, but that doesn’t bother me a smidge.  She had such fun making these and they were a hit at dinner.

I love the wonky eyes. I say A+!

Turkey army

One turkey left standing. The rest have surrendered to Mr. MacGregor.

With turkeys in hand, we carefully transported our army to dinner where Little Gobbler quickly busied herself getting her masterpieces on the table.  I’d say a perfect start to our Thanksgiving meal.



  1. How fun! Those are ADORABLE!!

  2. I can’t find the post that goes with the cute little Turkey’s. Of course I can just try to figure it out but it’s fun to know what you did first 🙂 ❤ Mainelybakes ❤

    • Amber, you can’t find it because I never posted it…AUGH! Bad blogger! 🙂 I used icing to stick the candy corns (from a tube) and also icing to get the Oreos and pb cup glued in place. I let them lean against the wall of the kitchen on the counter so they didn’t fall apart as they dried. THEN I did the embellishments of feet, face, etc. Does that help?

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